Friday, April 29, 2011

What a Long, Strange, Trip it's Been...

I have to say that it's been a long time getting here.  It was in late January that I sent a file off to a complete stranger, who printed it off, and hung it up on a fence in San Francisco.  This set off the "Palin Poster War" and set me off on a different path.

Since I was laid off from my job nearly 3 years ago I've gotten by on freelance work, and have spent time focusing on teaching myself html code, and honing my Photoshop skills.  However, during this time I always felt like I wasn't going down the right path, and when forks would show up ahead of me, I'd either take the wrong one, or not take any at all.  It's been a frustrating time.

I've always felt awkward about calling myself an "artist."  To me that was held in reserve for people like Rembrandt, or DaVinci, or Michelangelo...definitely not for me.  Of course, I can't remember a time when I wasn't obsessed with all things visual.  I colored incessantly as a child, struggling to stay within the lines and for many years succeeding too well.  In elementary school I showed my drawings at the local museum along with hundreds of others, and by the time I reached junior high I considered "art" to be nothing more than an "easy A."

It wasn't until high school when my instructor, Ed Carr, (if you read this, God bless you!), made me think that I might have some talent.  The first day of art class he handed out magazines and asked each of us to draw something from it.  Of course, glutton for punishment as I was, (and oblivious as well), I chose to draw a faceted crystal perfume bottle.  Well, that was the first of a long string of "easy A's" and the beginning of a exciting voyage of discovery.

The next day Mr. Carr called me into his office and put me into independed study.  Turns out my simple drawing was the best he'd seen from a student.  I remember feeling shocked and stunned, I had never really been encouraged to be an artist.  It had always been something I did without thinking about it.  Now I had a teacher whio was expecting something out of me that I didn't know I could give.  It was exhilirating and terrifying at the same time.

From that time on I've been involved in Art whenever I could be.  For many years, I've been a successful competitive art quilter, having won national contests and been in international shows.  I love the act of sewing, and the colors and combinations of colors have always been what's kept me inspired.

At every job I've had I've been involved in some aspect of Art, whether it was creating signage, designing packaging, or writing newsletters.  For many years I've been the creative go-to person.  At my last job I turned an administrative job into a graphic design department, and launched a career as an event graphic designer.  So, when Ray put the call out on for an inspiring Sarah Palin poster, I was ready.

I'm a conservative.  You can imagine that it's made it difficult in the art world, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where I've lived for many years.  However, it's also heightened my awareness.  I've noticed how the left has taken over the Art arena; they now "own" the culture, and that isn't a good thing.  We conservatives need to use Art to harass the left, to irritate them, to get them off their game.

That's what this blog's about.  I'll be dropping by once a week to chat, and to link you to the free downloads at

I'm looking forward to having some fun, and making some art!